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All the British Foods That Should Have Been Ranked by YouGov

The parmo? Greggs' vegan sausage roll? *Hello?*


The Christmas Dinner in ‘Peep Show’ is Horrible—and That’s What Makes it Great

One of the most iconic Christmas food scenes in British sitcom history.


Afternoon Tea Is a Scam and That’s Fine

Twenty quid for cucumber sandwiches and a mini Battenberg cake is a rip-off, but that's not the point.


How a New Generation Is Building on Britain's Long History of West African Food

And why there’s so much more to explore, from Nigerian egusi soup and Ghanaian kelewele to Senegalese thieboudienne.


Welcome to the Underground World of Discount Greggs

Often located in low income areas, Greggs Outlets sell day-old bread and pastries for cheap. As a student, I'd pick up a bag of sausage rolls and cake for less than a fiver.


Espresso Martinis and a Giant Wheel of Cheese: The Young British Foodie Awards 2018

Here's everything that went down at this year's Young British Foodie Awards, the annual event shining a light on new food innovators.


The Young British Foodie Awards 2018 Winners

MUNCHIES partnered with the YBFs for a third year running, celebrating the best new talent in British food and drink. Here’s the full list of winners.


How an Old Timey British Pastry Got Super Popular in Arizona

The Cornish pasty is an unlikely desert staple.


Pub Food Taught Me What It Means to Be a Syrian Brit

I learned soon after moving to London from Syria that the pub is central to British life. One of my biggest surprises was to see that people took their children to pubs.


The Future of British Pakistani Food Is Female

Britain’s curry houses have long been dominated by men. Now, a new generation of female Pakistani chefs are bringing home-style curries and bun kababs to supper clubs and street food stalls.


British Food Wouldn’t Be the Same without the Windrush Generation

Early Caribbean migrants helped rebuild Post-War Britain’s healthcare and transport systems, but they also revolutionised its food scene. Now, this pioneering generation faces deportation due to newly tightened immigration policy.


The Problem with Takeaways

There are nearly 60,000 takeaways in Britain, and most of us eat fast food on average two days per week. What impact is this having on our health?