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Go On, Here Are the Best British Tracks of 2018 So Far

Continuing our annual tradition, we've written about the songs our friends/neighbours/Uber drivers have heard on repeat all year.
Noisey UK Staff

Ruby Francis Makes Music That Sounds Like the Warmth of First Love

There's more to the 23-year-old Londoner than being labelled the "British answer to The Internet".
Tshepo Mokoena
Greatest UK MCs of All Time

Watch the Roundtable Chat for Our Greatest UK MCs of All Time List

Hosted by Julie Adenuga and featuring Toddla T, A. Dot, Poet and the one and only Chicken Connoisseur
Noisey Staff

Damn, Son... Here's The Only Guide to Making Money in the British Music Industry

What a time to be alive, lets make this paper, lets make this money.
Ryan Bassil

The Smiths and Me: I Spoke to the Guitarist in My Favourite Band, About My Favourite Band

The iconic guitarist sits down to dissect the Smiths fall-out, why indie isn't dead, and a lifetime of reunion rumours.
Phoebe Hurst

Get Your Plasters at the Ready, Bloody Knees are Back with New Track "I Want It All"

The big-haired boys are in full effect.
Noisey Staff
Longreads Or Whatever

Living With Tinnitus: I Find It Hard to Believe Silence Ever Existed

Tom Bellamy from the band Losers woke up one day with ringing in his ears. Five years on, we asked him to write about life with tinnitus.
The Noisey Guide to

Reflecting on the Pranks of Dean Blunt, the Greatest Piss-Taker in British Music

He'd fucking hate us labelling them 'pranks', but we're doing it anyway.
Francisco Garcia

That's Not Me: How Our Thriving British Music Scene is Reclaiming Its Identity

We have a crop of artists who aren't turning to America for inspiration or identity.
Ryan Bassil

Looking Back on 30 Years of Subculture in the UK

Talking to Sam Knee about his new book 'The Bag I'm In', which charts the last three decades of British music and fashion.
Bruno Bayley
Longreads Or Whatever

The Thing About Fat White Family and How Fucked Up Everything is Right Now

Fat White Family are a reminder that rock'n'roll can mean something beyond an NME cover, a pull-quote, and a few tracks recorded with Jim Abbiss.
Ryan Bassil
Festivals 2014

Wireless Festival is a Depressing Insight Into the Future of British Festivals

Wireless has the potential to be one of the best festivals in Britain - but it continually lets itself down by placing money over experience.
Ryan Bassil