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Millennials May Cheat on Their Partners Because They Are Freaking Out About Life

A new study explores how infidelity can be a means through which young adults try to navigate their own development—but also finds that this isn't always the case.


We Asked Minor Harry Potter Actors Who They're Voting For In the UK Election

"Corbyn's my favourite political leader, and he'd obviously be in Gryffindor because he's equal parts courage and kindness."


Why Celebrities Stopped Following Kabbalah

Everyone from Madonna to President Donald Trump's ex-wife Marla Maples dabbled in the mystical religion, but over the last few years, the trend has fallen out of style.


I'm the First British Woman to Fight ISIS in Syria

In a diary for Broadly, Kimberley Taylor takes us inside the radical feminist utopia being built by Kurdish women in Northern Syria.


This App Matches People With Their Ideal 'Face Type' – Whatever That Means

A new app developed by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) scientists aims to match users by analysing the faces of their favourite celebrities.


I Went on a Spirit Quest with a Guru Who Believes Dolphins Are Telepathic Aliens

Aros Crystos, a "dolphin ambassador on land," says the aquatic mammals are actually divine masters, and they're here to bring us back to the ocean.


This 19-Year-Old Is Reinventing Teen Magazines

At 16, Evelyn Atieno launched 'Affinity Magazine' – which has exceeded everyone's expectations with a massive following.


Sex Roulette to Vodka Eyeballing: Teens on Which Bizarre Trends They Actually Do

"It's very stupid because you could easily choke and die but hey you gotta do it for the views."


My 14-Year-Old Cousin Taught Me How to Be a Cool Teen

My cousin is infinitely cooler than I am. Who better to teach me how to be a wavy teen?


We're Living in the Era of the Hypocritical 'Feminist' Boss

From Nasty Gal's "Girl Boss" to Thinx's "She-E. O.", female executives have taken to branding themselves as outspoken feminist role models—but what good is that if their employees are allegedly denied basic rights and protections?


We Are Lisa Simpson: 30 Years with the Smartest and Saddest Kid in Grade Two

Lisa Simpson and every ambitious, out-of-place or caring woman hold a special relationship. Broadly spoke to a Simpsons writer to reflect on how Lisa and almost every girl you know have shaped each other over the last three decades.


What It's Like to Party When You Have One Arm

Until I realized my disability could become an edgy accessory, I spent college dodging frat guys mesmerized by the fact that I was born without a left arm below the elbow.