Charly Bliss Made a Good Anthem About Bad Relationships

"Hard To Believe" is the latest single off the Brooklyn band’s 'Young 'Enough, which is out May 10.
Josh Terry

Taphari Is Brooklyn's Best Rap Alien

The Brownsville rapper's new single "Tell Me How" is another example of the extraterrestrial energy he's brought to Brooklyn clubs over the last few years.
Colin Joyce
Noisey News

Leikeli47's Tiny Desk Concert Is a Really Great Jazz Show

The Brooklyn rapper and her four-piece band performed the jazz rendition of 'Acrylic' you didn't know you needed.
Kristin Corry
the people vs.

Turns Out Flipp Dinero Has Never Played Fortnite

In this episode of 'The People Vs.,' the Brooklyn rapper is laughing at all of your weak jokes under the comment section for "Leave Me Alone."
Noisey Staff

This Photographer Captures Everyday Lives in Brooklyn

Photographer Miranda Barnes carries her camera around Sunset Park, Brooklyn, to show the spaces and faces that make it beautiful.
André-Naquian Wheeler

Portraits from the Centre of Brooklyn's Bernie Sanders Hype Storm

We asked some of the Vermont senator's biggest fans why they were fired up for Bernie 2020.
Jason Bergman

DonMonique's Getting Everything Off Her Chest on "Black Kate Moss"

The Brooklyn rapper opens up about the traumatic experiences during her three-year hiatus that changed the way she approaches music. Now, DonMonique is ready to make up for lost time.
Kristin Corry

Bathe's Surf R&B Is Full of Sobering Realities

"Sure Shot" is the Brooklyn-based duo's attempt at reclaiming beach music, or "surf R&B," as they call it.
Kristin Corry
To Hell And Back

Why I Booked an Anti-Fascist Metal Festival

Fest organiser (and Noisey metal editor) Kim Kelly explains how Black Flags Over Brooklyn 2019 is both a labour of love and a call to action.
Kim Kelly
Views My Own

Despite Everything, I Still Love New York

The city isn't the same. That doesn't mean we should give up on it.
Allison Hope
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How Mexican Summer Spent Ten Years Changing Indie Rock

Ariel Pink: "Tell them Ariel Pink said to say Ariel said this was the tenth anniversary."
Dale Eisinger

An Interview in a Nail Salon with Leikeli47 About Her New Album ‘Acrylic’

A morning at a nail salon with Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47 revealed why her sophomore album, 'Acrylic' provides a snapshot of black life and a masterclass on the value of black-owned businesses.
Kristin Corry