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These People Make Thousands a Month Selling Live Roaches on eBay

"Pick any bug popular in the reptile trade for food, take 15 minutes, educate yourself on their reproduction, sell the things on eBay at the going market rate."


Hacker Releases First Public Jailbreak for Up-to-Date iPhones in Years

Apple accidentally unpatched a vulnerability it had already fixed, making current versions of iOS vulnerable to hackers.


Hackers Hijacked VR Chatrooms to Manipulate Users' Reality

Security researchers found critical vulnerabilities in three different virtual reality applications that would have allowed hackers to take control of victims’ computers.


This Scientist Is Letting an Insect Grow In Him as a Rite Of Passage

"It's kinda weird – you can feel it moving around, so I joke to my wife that 'it's kicking, it's kicking', like it's a baby inside of me."


We Asked Mediums to Ask Dead People What the Scariest Halloween Costume Is

Between a blond woman from former Yugoslavia named Karen, a World War I veteran with great posture and Jimi Hendrix, the dead had a lot to say.


An NYPD 'Bee Cop' Explains How to Calm Down Thousands of Swarming Bees

Officer Darren Mays talks about how he became part of the two-man team, and what it's like to coax 35,000 stinging insects into a vacuum.


Like Cockroaches, Bug People Will Not Be Stopped

A new book explores the diversity of modern insects – and the strange people who insist on loving them.


'Pillbug and Friends Roast Marshmallows,' Today's Comic by Allison Conway

Millie and her friends are roasting marshmallows when they're suddenly interrupted by an intruder.


Meet the Scientists Baking Bread with Cockroach Flour

Two scientists from the Federal University of Rio Grande, in Brazil, have developed a flour made of cockroaches that contains 40 percent more protein than the normal wheat flour.


Woah, Dissected Insects Make Great DIY Robots

“I dismantle the bugs' thorax and abdomen. They get sorted into groups and then just like with a robot, I attach one part to another until I have the finished piece,” Géza Szöllősi explains.