I Was Banned from Watching My Football Team, So Had to Find Another Way in

After receiving a three-year stadium ban, Max had to come up with a clever way to watch Hamburg.
Max von Sinnen

Is Barack Obama a Darmstadt Fan?

Obama seems to be a fan of a struggling Bundesliga team from a place called "Gut City."
Brian Blickenstaff
the background work behind a transfer

Settling In, Kicking On: How Football Clubs Make New Players Feel Welcome

Fans love to speculate on whether a new player will succeed or fail, but on-field success might have more to do with a player's off-field transition than with adjusting to a new style of play.
Brian Blickenstaff
pierre-emerick aubameyang

Reluctant Leader Aubameyang Tasked with Delivering Peace and Glory to Gabon

As captain and star player for hosts Gabon, there is tremendous focus on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at this year's Africa Cup of Nations. But the 27-year-old is visibly stressed, with the weight of a troubled country resting on his shoulders.
Barney Cullum

Politics And Terror Could Hurt Turkish Football

Citing security threats and a fraught political situation, German clubs are no longer going to Turkey, their once-preferred winter training camp destination. Will a player exodus be next?
Brian Blickenstaff

Bayern Munich's Next Great Talent: The Inexorable Rise Of Joshua Kimmich

If versatility used to be a mixed blessing for young footballers, it's the hallmark of the modern game. Joshua Kimmich has it in abundance, and is using it to take the Bundesliga by storm.
Alex Hess
footballers with fuckloads of weed

Former Bundesliga Defender Marcelo Pletsch Faces Up To 15 Years In Prison For Drug Trafficking

Marcelo Pletsch, who made almost 150 appearances for Borussia Monchengladbach in the early noughties, was arrested with 793kg of marijuana back in November 2015.
UK Sports Staff
americans call it soccer

Europe's Mid-Market Clubs Are Missing Out on the American Gold Rush

Football has become a mainstream sport in America, generating considerable attention and revenue from U.S. fans. So why aren't more European clubs making a serious marketing push to cash in?
Brian Blickenstaff

Werder Bremen Sack Coach on Bus Ride Home from Defeat

Werder Bremen sacked manager Viktor Skrypnyk on the bus home from a third successive Bundesliga defeat.
Leander Schaerlaeckens
faded potential

Squandered Talent, Bygone Youth: The Salutary Tale of Nicklas Bendtner

Nicklas Bendtner once held ambitions to be amongst the greatest strikers in the world. Now, he could be on his way to Nottingham Forest. So where did it all go wrong?
Will Magee

Bundesliga Club Darmstadt 98 To Rename Stadium Following Death Of Fan

Darmstadt plan to add Jonathan Heimes’ name to the stadium, after the 26-year-old died of cancer in March.
UK Sports Staff
changes to the champions league

New Champions League Format “A Scandal” Says Ligue 1 Union Boss

The top four leagues in Europe are to be guaranteed four Champions League spots from the 2018/19 season onwards, leaving the head of the Premiere Ligue union fuming.
UK Sports Staff