How Massive Busts Could Create More Harm for People Who Use Drugs

With the biggest drug bust in Ontario history, the province’s cocaine supply may have just become more dangerous.


Celebrate MLK Weekend With This Iconic Edition of FELT Zine

The center piece of Mark Digital's 'King's Dream' issue is a black bust covered in roses.


A 3D-Printed Bust Comes Alive in Dan Sultan's New Music Video

Dropbear's music video for Dan Sultan’s "Magnetic" combines 3D printing and stop-motion animation with projection mapping.


Artists Turn Kids' Clay into Grotesque Sculptures of Their Neighbors

The fanatic people-watchers of design studio Nightshop have created a new way to stare at their neighbors.


Women Charged in Massive Coke Smuggling Bust Documented Whole Trip on Instagram

They were having the time of their lives before the $30-million coke bust.


The Trump Head Desktop Speaker Is Loud

Celebrate the Republican presidential nominee with a porcelain bust that’s also a Bluetooth speaker.


Life Inside an American Mining Boomtown on the Brink of Decline

J. J. Anselmi's new book focuses on the Rock Springs's crushing provincialism, severe drug problem, and plague of suicides.


Petitioning the White House to Open-Source Obama's 3D Portrait

A new petition is asking the government and the Smithsonian Institute to release POTUS' 3D scanned model data to the public.


Projection-Mapped Bust Preserves a Holocaust Survivor's Story

CIANT illuminates the testimony of Terezín and Auschwitz survivor Markéta Nováková.


Projection Mapping Revives the Greek God Apollo

The ancient god of music, poetry, and prophesy comes to life thanks to French digital art studio BK.


Panty Pops

The only way I can describe "Panty Pops" is like if Zeus gave you a handjob.