Canadian Far Right Extremism


Canada Adds Far-Right Groups to Terror Watch List for First Time

Those include Blood and Honour and Combat 18, which both have roots in the UK.


This ‘Uncensored’ Right-Wing Facebook Clone Allows Racism But Not Nudity

According to an expert, the attempted recruiting of far-right social media users by one Canadian man shows that deplatforming has its downsides.


Member of a Neo-Nazi Terror Group Appears To Be Former Canadian Soldier

Using sources and hidden chat networks, VICE has traced the code name of an Atomwaffen member to Brandon Cameron, a former Nova Scotia soldier.


Violent Neo-Nazi Group Has Disturbing Plans For Canada

VICE can reveal that Northern Order, once described as a "phantom group", is an Atomwaffen affiliated neo-Nazi cell.


Neo-Nazis Can Be Deradicalised and Make Amends

Not all racists can be rehabilitated. But some can and here’s some ways we can do that.


This Is the Man Who Ran Canada’s Biggest Neo-Nazi Podcast

VICE can reveal a cosplayer named Clayton Sanford was behind a neo-Nazi recruitment tool.


Here Are the Far-Right Conspiracists the Quebec City Mosque Shooter Followed

Alexandre Bissonnette was obsessed with Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, David Duke, Richard Spencer and more, a court document revealed.


Far-Right Extremists Will Use Edmonton Terror Attack as Propaganda

'We are at war… These acts against us will not be tolerated.’


The Integral Role Conspiracies Play in Far-Right Violence

This researcher says we have to stop ignoring the role Alex Jones and other online theorists play in extremism.