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There’s a Third Incident of Justin Trudeau in Racist Makeup

The prime minister, running for re-election, is facing calls for his resignation.


Justin Trudeau Admits to Wearing Blackface and Brownface

"It was racist," the prime minister told reporters.


Teens Are Pledging to Not Have Children to Fight Climate Change

Young people are thinking twice about bringing kids into "a world that is increasingly unsuitable for life".


This Late-Night Glove Salesman Masturbating Story Is Very Weird But Also True

For years there has been an urban legend in Canada about "Glove Guy", who would pick up drunk young men and ask them to try on his gloves.


YouTube Commenters Shift From 'Intellectual Dark Web' Fans to the Far-Right, Study Shows

New research looked at commenters' migration from "contrarian" personalities like Jordan Peterson to "alt-right" extremist channels.


How to Quit Your Shitty Job and Become a Competitive Dancer

Meet Andrew "Pyro" Chung, a former factory worker and Costco cart collector turned street dancer and studio owner.


How a Group Of Gamers Tracked Down a Quadruple Murder Suspect

When one of their friends said he killed three people and was about to kill another, the members of a gaming forum sprung into action. But they were faced with a terrible situation – the clock was ticking and they had no idea where the alleged killer was.


Police Converge on Small Town After BC Murder Suspects Believed Spotted in Dump

A massive manhunt for two teenagers accused of killing three people has now moved to York Landing, Manitoba.


Father Says He Expects Teens to Go Out in 'Blaze of Glory' as They Are Charged with Third Murder

Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod, who are on the run in northern Canada, have been charged in the death of a UBC lecturer, Leonard Dyck.


Holy Hell, Canada's Alleged Mafia Were Living Good Until They Were Arrested

Police in Ontario have arrested leading members of the Figliomeni family in the biggest mob bust in the province’s history.


Far-Right Activists Targeted a Vegan Cafe Assuming Antifa Were There

The owner of Cafe Frida tells VICE they were surprised they were targeted by the far-right because they don’t really take a stance politically.


Canada Declares Climate Emergency, Then Approves Massive Oil Pipeline Expansion

Canada can't meet its Paris climate targets without reducing emissions from the oil and gas sector, experts say.