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Meet the Guy Who Woke From a Coma Speaking Another Language

Ben McMahon knew some basic Mandarin from high school. But after a car accident he was put in a coma and emerged weirdly fluent.
Julian Morgans

A Helpful Timeline of Prince Philip Not Dying

Flipping a Land Rover? Completed it mate.
Lauren O'Neill
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This Woman Seems Pretty Chill About Flipping Her Car into a Gas Station

Holy hell.
River Donaghey

DJ Robert Miles' “Children” Was Famous for Preventing Car Crashes

The iconic trance anthem has a fascinating backstory.
Michelle Lhooq
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What It's Like to Be Hit By a Car and Forget Who You Are

When John Doran was hit by a car recently, his crash helmet shattered, he was knocked spark out and he ended up with a concussion so severe that he temporarily forgot who he was.
John Doran

What It's Like to Almost Die in a Car Crash

"I used to imagine how I'd win street fights in my head, or how I'd never get hurt from drunkenly climbing that scaffolding, but the crash changed all that."
Tom Usher

An Exhibition of Seats Taken From Deadly Car Crashes

The eerie spectacle aimed to raise awareness of wearing a seatbelt.
by Mircea Topoleanu, Text by Ionuț Axinescu
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Dave Clarke Speaks Out About Car Accident in Serbia

He is currently monitoring his health after going to the hospital back in Amsterdam.
Alexander Iadarola

The Man Who Was Destined to Never Lose His Virginity Has Finally Lost His Virginity

Mohammed Abad lost his penis in a car crash as a child. After getting a prosthetic penis decades later and arranging to lose his virginity, he was in another car crash and had to delay his plans.
Tim Noble
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Wyclef Jean Did a Reddit AMA, and It Crashed So, So Hard

"Wyclef, how long did it take you to realize how bad of an idea it was to come here?"
Joe Zadeh

Reality TV Star Les ‘Survivorman’ Stroud Thinks Other Reality TV Stars Are Bullshit

He really doesn't like other outdoor survival reality stars. Nor does he drink his own piss.
Jake Kivanc

This New Video Reportedly Shows Suge Knight Running Over Two Men with His Truck

The 90s rap mogul previously claimed that this footage is evidence of his innocence, but it's hard to believe it will help him in court.
Mike Pearl