Gluten Is Perfectly Fine for the Vast Majority of People

There’s almost no proof that going gluten-free will do the average person any favours.
Markham Heid

Recent Headlines About Low-Carb Diets Are Misleading

Many stories play to the popular fantasy that, when the right magical formula comes along, weight loss can be uncoupled from calories. But it's just that – a fantasy.
David L. Katz, MD, MPH
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Anyone Can Make This Roast Pork Pasta from Scratch

This ricotta cavatelli is technically pasta and technically "from scratch." But you don't need a rolling pin, a pasta machine, or a two-year apprenticeship in a famous kitchen in Bologna to make it.
Munchies Staff

Think You Know Wheat? Think Again

The flavour, texture, and overall complexity of heirloom wheat flours are staggering compared to conventional ones. Why aren't we eating more local varieties?
Javier Cabral
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Bake This Samhain Bread Instead of Eating Halloween Sweets

Samhain is the pagan celebration of the final harvest before winter sets in. And if you're going to harvest, you've got to make your goods into some lovely, fluffy carbs so that you don't get too drunk on mead and sleep through all the partying.
Munchies Staff

We’re All Guinea Pigs in a Decades-Long Failed Diet Experiment

"The change in dietary advice to promote low-fat foods is perhaps the biggest mistake in modern medical history." Lovely stuff.
Markham Heid

Study Says You'll Smell Better If You Eat Fewer Carbs

A new Australian study shows that diet can affect how much men's sweat grosses out—or attracts—women. Hint: Beware of carbs.
Hilary Pollack

Scientists Have Discovered Why Bread and Chips Are So Addictive

New research from Oregon State University suggests that humans can detect a sixth “starchy” taste.
Daisy Meager

We Settled the Sourdough vs Focaccia Sandwich Debate

To settle the sourdough versus focaccia versus rye versus whatever-the-Scandis-are-baking nowadays debate, we asked five baking experts to share their sandwich secrets.
Daisy Meager
bad breath

Your Super-Healthy Diet Is Making Your Breath Stink

When carb intake drops below 30 grams per day, the body gets rid of organic compounds, known as ketones, through the mouth, a process which can smell pretty gnar to those around you.
Nick Rose
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Make These Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Cure Your Back-to-Work Blues

Ease your post-long weekend despair in the creamiest and carbiest of ways with carrot and sweet potato mash.
Munchies Staff

Nicki Minaj Gets Competitive with Her Bum in Today's Comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl

Who do people actually love: Nicki or her bum? She isn't so sure.
Ida Eva Neverdahl