The 2018 FIFA World Cup

We Asked Catalans If They'll Be Supporting Spain at the World Cup

"I want Spain to lose so that the government can't politicise their success."
Víctor Martí Castañer
Catalan Referendum

How Spain Reacted to Catalonia (Sort of) Declaring Independence

"The violence is only going to get worse because the far-right is accusing Rajoy of being too soft. He’s going to want to prove to them that he is really tough."
Ana Iris Simón
Jordi Llorca
Catalan Referendum

Pictures from the Spanish Pro-Union Rally in Barcelona

Hundreds of thousands gathered in the streets of the Catalan capital yesterday in support of a united Spain.
Carles Desfilis
Catalan Referendum

Barcelona Went On Strike Over Police Violence

Yesterday, 15,000 people protested the violent tactics used by Spanish police during Sunday's independence referendum.
Mònica Figueras
Catalan Referendum

I Went to Every Protest that Took Place in Madrid this Weekend

The possibility of Catalonia separating from Spain brought the people of Madrid to the streets.
Ana Iris Simón

Can Catalans Be Arrested for Voting in Their Independence Referendum?

The Spanish government claims Sunday's referendum is unconstitutional. So what happens to the Catalans who go vote anyway?
Ana Iris Simón

Bad Gyal Wants to Be the Queen of Catalan Trap

We spoke to Barcelona's 20-year-old viral internet sensation.
Niloufar Haidari
The Make Believe Issue

September Book Reviews from 'The Make Believe Issue'

Book reviews from the latest issue of our magazine – including reviews of Roger Ballen's 'Outland' and Joan Cornellá's 'ZONZO'.
VICE Staff

Double Exposure Photos Fuse Classic And Contemporary Catalonian Architecture

RM Felix's in-camera double exposures celebrate the past and present of Catalan architecture.
Beckett Mufson