4 days ago

All the Parents Going to Prison in the College Admissions Cheating Scandal

Some parents allegedly photoshopped their kids' faces onto pictures of real athletes to get them into elite schools.


Bringing Back 'E! True Hollywood Story' Is Pointless

The docuseries returns on the 6th of October, but we’re already oversaturated with dark, tragic celebrity tales.


Tiffany Haddish Says She Banged Chingy, and She's Got the Evidence to Prove It

After examining the details presented by Ms. Haddish, it definitely sounds like he put it right thurr.


Rick Ross Got Extremely High With Bon Iver and Had No Idea Who He Was

"This hippy motherfucker ended up being Justin Vernon of the band Bon Iver."


Everyone Back Off and Let Flume Eat Some Burning Man Ass

What happens between one person's mouth and another person's butthole and a crowd of Burning Man attendees is their business.


Scarlett Johansson Continues to 'Love' and 'Believe' Woody Allen

"He maintains his innocence, and I believe him," the actress told the 'Hollywood Reporter'.


Lindsay Lohan Makes Her Triumphant Return to Music With a Song Called 'Xanax'

The 'Masked Singer Australia' judge is back with her first song in 11 years.


Adam Brody Is Down for a Reboot of 'The O.C.'

He just wouldn't want to reprise his role as Seth Cohen.


Watch Cardi B and Bernie's Long-Awaited Video Collab

In the 12-minute-long video, the two discuss police brutality, immigration, health insurance and eliminating student debt.


Why So Many Celebrities Still Open Restaurants

As Ed Sheeran launches a restaurant in Notting Hill and Pep Guardiola gives his backing to a Catalan-inspired eatery, what compels famous people to enter the notoriously precarious restaurant world?


What Pee Actually Tastes Like, According to the Internet

Like many internet users before her, Cardi B asked, "I wonder how pee taste like ?" We've got the answers.


Céline Dion Is Our Patron Saint of Being Weird as Hell and Loving Yourself Anyway

Céline is so much more than just the Titanic Song Lady. She's a freak like us.