These Gothic Cheese Balls Are as Dark as Your Heart

London-based Brazilian chef Rita Duarte gives pães de queijo, the traditional South American cheese bread, a Halloween makeover.


Jacob Felländer's Breaking Photography | Studio Visits

The mixed-media photographer talks Einstein, virtual realities, and the artistic beauty of making mistakes.


This Chef Doesn’t Care Whether You Make Any Recipes From His Cookbook

Octaphilosophy by André Chiang is more than a recipe book. It documents a year in the kitchens of the chef’s celebrated Singaporean restaurant, exploring the eight elements that make up his approach to cooking.


How I Learned to Un-Cook Meat and Make Better Steaks

I’ve worked for some of the best chefs in the world—Marco Pierre White, Alain Ducasse, the Roux brothers—but since cooking on charcoal and live fire, I’ve had to learn to un-cook, to keep things really simple.


Conspiracy Theories Inspire Cartoonish Greyscale Art

In 'Safeworld,' L.A. artist Rachel Lord uses occult symbols and conspiracy theories to create cartoon portraits of reality.


Flashback to ‘The Mushroom Girls Virus’ | High Art

Talking visions, out of body experiences, and art with Deanne Cheuk.


Enter a Kaleidoscopic Dystopia Rendered in Ink and Charcoal

Inside Japanese artist Hiroki Tsukuda's kaleidoscopic visions of the future.


How-To: Grill a Rib-Eye

Chef Jesse Griffiths of Austin's Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club teaches us how to perfectly grill a rib-eye steak so we can have something to eat while we drink cheap ass beer and watch fireworks this weekend.


Is This the Most Important Artwork of 2014?

The Guardian has declared Robert Longo's 10ft-wide charcoal drawing of Ferguson police as the most important artwork of 2014.


Photographing the Young Warriors of Smokey Mountain

Manu Mart documents child labourers in a Filipino charcoal slum.


The Lake That Burned Down a Forest

In the hills near Lake Enriquillo, people whose livelihoods have been ruined by the lake's unstoppable expansion are now surviving.