chelsea manning


Chelsea Manning Is the Purest Soul on the Internet

The world is bad, but Chelsea Manning's Twitter is very good.


Against Me! and Talib Kweli Feature on Chelsea Manning Benefit Album

‘Hugs For Chelsea’ aims to raise money for the former soldier, who was released from prison today.


A Lawyer for Chelsea Manning Explains What's Next After Her Life-Saving Commutation

Chase Strangio, an ACLU attorney who has worked for years to secure Chelsea's access to gender-affirming treatments and measures while imprisoned, tells us what last Tuesday's news meant for him, for her, and what's next.


Obama Was the Most Pro-Trans President in History

Barack Obama will leave Washington having saved Chelsea Manning's life. But that doesn't mean his administration has a spotless record when it comes to trans issues.


For Trans Prisoners in the US, Access to Healthcare Remains Abysmal

Some progress has been made, but inmates are still routinely denied access to gender-affirming care and facilities.


I Asked My Tinder Matches If They Agree with Chelsea Manning's Sentence Being Reduced

And about the nicest thing they've ever done for someone.


President Obama Has Commuted Chelsea Manning's Prison Sentence

The soldier who put WikiLeaks on the map is set to leave Fort Leavenworth prison on the 17th of May – rather than in 2045 – thanks to the outgoing president.


Stop What You're Doing and Read the Comic Advocating for Chelsea Manning

‘Suppressed Images’ documents DNA portraiture of Manning by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg.


The Wikileaks Story Is Even More Dramatic Thanks to This Composer's Auto-Tuned Opera

The Source's Ted Hearnes talks about his musical take on the human cost of war and the many faces of Chelsea Manning.


A Utopian Installation Where the Real and Virtual Coexist

Digital and physical worlds collide in Holly Herndon and Matthew Dryhurst's 'everywhere and nowhere.'


Is Julian Assange's Latest Legal Setback the End of the Road for the Wikileaks Founder?

Getting your appeal thrown out by a country's Supreme Court sounds pretty final, but the Wikileaks founder has ways to continue fighting the accusations of rape and sexual assault that have dogged him for years.