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Six Lessons on Becoming a Cooking Legend from Cecilia Chiang

The 97-year-old woman who introduced Westerners to high-end Chinese cuisine still parties as hard as she works—which is to say, a lot.
Siena Chiang
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Ditch Your Brunch Plans and Cook this Epic Dim Sum Feast

These dim sum recipes have everything you need for a killer meal—minus the cart.
Becky Hughes

Meeting the People Who Make London’s Chinatown

We speak to those behind the restaurants, supermarkets, and fried chicken joints in London’s ever-evolving Chinatown.
Daisy Meager
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Dividing and Conquering the Cuisines of China

The lasting myth of China's "eight great cuisines" makes little sense when attempting to understand country's enormous array of food traditions.
Carolyn Phillips

From Peasant Farms to 100,000-Cow Mega Dairies: The Extremes of Chinese Agriculture

Food production in China is split between vast, industrial operations using the latest technology and small-scale “peasant” farms that employ traditional agricultural practices.
Charlie Taverner

Meet Yu Bo, the Chef Who Runs an Avant-Garde Sichuanese Restaurant from His Home Kitchen

Lauded by Danny Bowien and Fuchsia Dunlop, experimental chef Yu Bo opened Yu’s Family Kitchen in his Chengdu mansion to push the limits of Sichuanese cuisine.
Barclay Bram
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Brandon Jew's Restaurant Tells the Story of San Francisco's Chinatown

Mister Jiu's is more than just an homage to Jew's Chinese heritage; it's a statement on the changing face of San Francisco's Chinatown.
Brandon Jew
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OG Chef Ken Hom on Instagram and the Future of Chinese Cuisine

The future looks bright for Chinese cooking the world over.
Ken Hom
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Inside the Birthplace of Indian-Chinese Cuisine

When Chinese immigrants arrived in Kolkata two centuries ago, they put down roots and created a delicious fusion cuisine that blended Hakka traditions with the fiery flavours Indians love.
Sharanya Deepak
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Fuchsia Dunlop on China’s Most Underrated Food

Chinese cookery expert Fuchsia Dunlop explains why you probably haven’t heard of the “drunken” dishes and water vegetables from Jiangnan in southern China.
Fuchsia Dunlop
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Make a Chinese Feast Tonight with These 5 Killer Recipes

We've got the whole menu on deck, from noodles to dessert.
Munchies Staff

Why You’ll Find Shanghai’s Best Lamb Kebabs Outside a Mosque

Every Friday, market stall traders from China's Xinjiang territory gather outside the Huxi mosque in Shanghai. Being Muslim, pork is off the menu, but lamb is served in just about every incarnation.
Barclay Bram