Christian Cowan-Sanluis


We Got Designers to Make a Sausage Dog Some Outfits and Took Him to London Fashion Week

Frankie the frankfurter was far more chic than any of the front-rowers.


Fake Boobs and the Selfie Hat: Meeting London Womenswear Designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis

We met up with Christian shortly before his LFW AW15 presentation to talk about tacky influences and what it's like to be a rising star while you're still in the middle of your fashion degree.


All Glitter Everything

You always look good when you're sparkling.


Meet the Guy Behind the 'Selfie Hat'

We visited Christian Cowan-Sanluis' studio to see the rest of his Beverly Hillbillies-inspired SS15 collection.


You Should Try Dressing Like an Area 51 Escapee

Moon boots and weird metallic fingers are the new black.


A Butt-Based Fashion Shoot

Do you like bums? Do you enjoy fashion? Then you'll just absolutely adore this.


Bitches Get Stitches

Girls in S&M-type gear by Christian Cowan-Sanluis.