This Town Is Tearing Itself Apart Over Non-Christians Owning Houses

Bay View, Michigan, is an idyllic place that has been consumed by an unlikely 21st-century debate: Should non-Christians be allowed to vote and buy property?


People Like Billy Graham Are Why I Quit Christianity

I grew up in awe of Graham, just like every other Southerner I knew. But I no longer believe in elevating the feelings of white people bothered more by protest than injustice.


Dating Teenage Girls Isn't Politically Toxic in the Bible Belt

Having grown up in heavily evangelical Arkansas, I'm not exactly shocked Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore is refusing to drop out of the race.


Why Pope Francis Needs to Embrace the Entire LGBTQ Community

Francis' reign has been marked by contradictions in approach toward queer clergy. And while he's been progressive, comments made last week against his trans flock are a blow to all queer Christians.


A Brief History of Marilyn Manson Pissing Off Jesus Christ

The God of Fuck has been fucking Jesus for a long time.


Photos of Polish Christians Posing with Their Guns

PLUS: An Interview with Father Chojecki, the man behind the campaign.


The Women Fighting Back Against the Christian Cult that Forbids Birth Control

The "Quiverfull" movement's "pro-life rhetoric on steroids" puts its members at risk, according to these former believers.


Inside the Last Pork Butcher Shop in Istanbul

Since 1967, the Kozmaoğlu brothers have sold fresh pork and charcuterie from their unmarked store located across the street from a gas station in Istanbul.


How Spreading the Word of God Made Me Lose My Own Faith

If you think starting college is hard, try doing it as a 17-year-old virgin going through a breakup, spending your first week trying to get strangers to come to Jesus.


Creationists Are Building a Real-Life Noah's Ark

A fundamentalist Christian organization announced the opening of a theme park that features a 510-foot-long, biblically-accurate replica of Noah's Ark. We spoke to the man building the religious version of Disney World.


New Study Says America Is Slowly Getting Less Religious and More Tolerant

A massive new survey from Pew found that America is inching toward godlessness.


Meet the British Christians Cleaning Up Ibiza's Drunks and Ecstasy Casualties

The Christian volunteer group 24-7 Ibiza has been helping people home in their Vomit Van since 2002.