Chronic Pain


The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Being a Pessimist

Author and professor Eugene Thacker tells us about how pessimism can be a form of self-help.


What It's Like to Live with One of the World's Most Painful Disorders

Trigeminal neuralgia has been compared to searing, stabbing facial pain, or "a hot rod being stabbed in your eye while your face is being burnt off with chemicals."


Heroin for Trauma and Psychedelics for PTSD: Meeting People Who Self-Medicate with Illegal Drugs

According to a number of studies, around two-thirds of problematic drug users report childhood physical or sexual abuse. These figures need to be taken seriously.


CBD Has Been Deemed a Medicine by the Government, But Sellers Have to Stop Selling in 28 Days

"It's potentially a health disaster for tens of thousands of people."