Classical Painting


Painter Felice House Reimagines Classic Cowboys as Women

Felice House imagines if the West was won by women.


In This Show, the Paintings Are on the Palettes

A group show brings together the first and final stages of painting on one common surface.


Melty Oil Paintings Capture the Dramatic Beauty of New York City

An Italian artist uses his classical training to bring heart and warmth to stone-faced cement cities.


Quayola Talks ‘Iconographies,’ His New Show of Algorithmic Engravings and Prints

For his new show ‘Iconographies’, Quayola explores Renaissance iconography, engravings, algorithms and computer text as art.


Classical Paintings Soundtracked by Jamie xx and Other Musicians

'Soundscapes' at the National Gallery thinks paintings should be heard as well as seen.


London Gallery Reveals Counterfeit in "Spot the Fake Painting" Competition

Did you know? You didn't know. Did you?


If Megan Fox Was the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'

Graphic artist Bénédicte Lacroix gives us further proof that celebrities are art.


Here's Tom Brady as a Literal Greek God

Professional face swappers take on Super Bowl greats in this Greek mythology mashup.


A Tumblr Sees Museums Through the Eyes of Art

'What They See' is a Tumblr that offers a new point-of-view on iconic works of art—literally.


'Rijks Emotions' Finds Your Face in a Classical Painting

Find your döppelganger in a classical painting in the Austrian Rijksmuseum's art collection.


Watercolor Pixel Art Portraits Remix Pop Culture & Classic Paintings

Adam Lister's pixel art remixes of Batman, Superman, and "The Son of Man" will be on display at his solo-show at The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco from Oct. 11 to Nov. 1.


7 Hidden Art Secrets That Were Uncovered With Technology

From da Vinci to Rembrandt, The Creators Project looks at the invisible details hidden inside history's most famous artworks.