Clean Eating


Anti-Diet Books Are the New Diet Books

Intuitive eating promises to free its followers from food rules and calorie counting, but is it just another diet trend?


YouTuber Who Claimed Raw Food Diet Cured Her Cancer Dies of Cancer

Mari Lopez' niece and YouTube co-star attributes her death to radiotherapy treatments.


I Made Joe Wicks Watch Me Eat a Fry-Up and It Was Weird

British fitness guru Joe Wicks, a.k.a. The Body Coach, has five best-selling cookbooks and viral YouTube workouts designed to “keep you lean and healthy.” I took him to a greasy spoon in South London.


Vegans Shouldn't Ignore the Existence of Eating Disorders

In the fight to dissociate from "clean eating" and spread an ethical message, vegans like myself risk forgetting that disordered eating can exist alongside veganism.


Eating Clean is Useless

"Clean eating? That's some rich white people shit."


I Tried All The Rich-People Hangover Cures

Could anything beat my patented classic: the banana, Alka-Seltzer, black coffee and more booze combo?


Study Finds 'Clean Eating' Actually Puts Millennials' Health at Risk

Researchers have reason to believe that 'clean eating' isn't all that great, and bloggers and social media may be to blame.


Some Important Advice for Anyone Doing Veganuary

Forget Dry January; going vegan is much harder than dropping the bottle.


Nutritionists Are Petitioning to Have Their Job Title Protected from Wellness Bloggers

Despite what the Instagrams of the oracle-like “clean eating” bloggers and wellness gurus may suggest, qualifying to give safe nutritional advice requires a certain level of training.


We Spoke to Deliciously Ella Fans About What ‘Clean Eating’ Means to Them

We went along to a talk given by hit blogger and cookbook writer Ella Mills (a.k.a. Deliciously Ella) to find out what those attending think about our new obsession with all things “wellness.”


Clean Eating Is Giving Veganism a Bad Name

"Clean eating" and "wellness" are making vegans look even more ridiculous to everyone else than we already did.