Snoop Dogg, Steelers Fan, Jumps on the Cleveland Browns, Erm, "Bandwagon"

Snoop turned up at Browns practice earlier this week to give the players and fans a pep talk. Why?


The Story of the Lebron James and Kevin Durant Song That Didn't Need to Exist

Anyways, the full song is apparently out because 2018 won't stop.


Restaurant Manager Fired After Unnecessarily Calling Cops on Black Sorority Members

The police spent an hour at the Cleveland-area Bahama Breeze, supervising as each woman paid her bill.


A US Plane Made an Emergency Landing After a Window Cracked Mid-Flight

Less than a month after an engine exploded on another Southwest plane.


Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, and LL Cool J Among Rock Hall Nominees

Kate Bush, MC5, and Bon Jovi are also nominated for the class of 2018. And, as ever, there's a lot of weird snubs.


The Facebook Shooter Has Killed Himself After a Police Pursuit

After a brief chase near Erie, Pennsylvania, Steve Stephens reportedly took his own life.


What We Know About the Man Who Broadcast a Killing on Facebook

Police say Steve Stephens shot a 74-year-old man at random, filmed the crime, and posted it to Facebook.


Is a Lithuanian Immigrant Making the Best Pizza in Ohio?

Vytauras Sasnaukas grew up under Soviet occupation, eating ersatz pizzas topped with hard-boiled eggs. Now he's making real-deal Neapolitan pies in Cleveland.


This Cleveland Ice Cream Shop Is Taking a Stand Against Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

“I try to keep that humanising conversation going," says Helen Quin of Mason's Creamery. "And it works, because people are usually more pleasant with ice cream.”


Watching the World Fall Apart with Cloud Nothings’ Dylan Baldi

As Donald Trump ascended, we forced the Cleveland auteur to talk through his demons


Tupac, Pearl Jam, Journey Will Be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Your step dad chose the other three artists.


How Cops Could Run Wild Under Trump

Despite a deluge of awful police shootings in America, the US government has at least been trying to keep tabs on local cops. That may change under President Trump