Hawaii’s Kīlauea Volcano Eruption Caused an Explosion of Ocean Life

A giant algae bloom in the summer of 2018 was fueled by the Kīlauea volcano.
Becky Ferreira
Hurricane Dorian

Here's a Heartbreaking Look at What Dorian Did to the Bahamas

The first flyovers of the Bahamas show roads, cars, homes and an airport that appear to be almost entirely underwater.
Gaby Del Valle

This 14-Year-Old Climate Activist Is Giving Up School to Save the World

"World leaders have failed us," says 8th grader Alexandria Villaseñor.
Emma Fidel
Katherine Tutrone
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UN Says Humans Must Transform Our Diets and Land Use to Save the Planet

"For the first time, the world’s top scientists have confirmed what we have always known: respecting the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities is an immediate and actionable climate change solution."
Terri Hansen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Parts of Asia Are On Their Way to Becoming Unliveable

Studies have found that living in some Indian cities might soon become a gamble.
Meera Navlakha
Save Yourselves

A Night Out at Extinction Rebellion's Bristol Protest

Climate activism in the crusty capital of the UK.
Adam Corner

Mysterious Clouds on Mars Formed by 'Meteoric Smoke', Study Says

Scientists have identified a kind of cloud on Mars that has been neglected in past climate models.
Becky Ferreira
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The Climate Crisis Is Damaging More Than the Environment

The mental health impacts of the imminent end of the world are, unsurprisingly, not great.
Yiannis Baboulias
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New Report Suggests ‘High Likelihood of Human Civilisation Coming to an End’ in 2050

The climate change analysis was written by a former fossil fuel executive and backed by the former chief of Australia's military.
Nafeez Ahmed
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We Spoke to the UK's Tiniest Climate Crisis Protesters

"The thing is, all the air will be really polluted; we will choke and die. We will breathe in the air and we will choke and die. People with asthma will definitely die, probably quicker."
Michael Segalov
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Hey London, Come See VICE's New Climate Film, 'Make the World Greta Again'

VICE, i-D and UKSCN are throwing a Fridays for Future climate strike after-party tonight, and you're all invited.
VICE Staff
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Who’s Going to Tell the Royal Baby That Our Planet Is Unequivocally Dying?

Good luck, kid.
Derek Mead