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climate help

How to Join the Climate Strikes Today

Everything you need to know to get involved.
VICE Staff
2 days ago
climate help

Do What You Can to Support the Global Climate Strike

Despite a year in which we've seen more climate coverage and protest than ever, global governments still aren't doing nearly enough.
Jamie Clifton
5 days ago
climate help

A Step-by-Step Guide to Fighting Climate Change. Step One: Get Annoyed

Even if you're feeling powerless, there are things you can do to make a difference.
Geoff Dembicki
Save Yourselves

Some Easy Ways to Stamp Out Your Festival Carbon Footprint

Look after the planet and have a mostly guilt-free comedown.
David Hillier
stay classy

We Should All Ditch Work and Go on Strike for the Climate

All workers in all industries stopping work at the exact same time? It's exactly what the planet needs, and there's a strike on September 20.
Callum Cant
Save Yourselves

The Real Cost of Your Cheap Flights to Berlin

Campaign groups reckon that if plane fuel was taxed properly, it could help to reverse the cuts to legal aid, disability benefits, employ 5,000 more nurses and build ten new hospitals every year.
Tristan Kennedy
Save Yourselves

Your Rich Friend Who Goes On Ski Holidays Could Save the Planet

At least, according to the climate justice campaign group Protect Our Winters.
Tristan Kennedy

Things You’re Doing To Save the Planet That Are Actually Terrible

That reusable cotton tote is polluting the air and water way more than a plastic bag.
Anne Gaviola
Save Yourselves

Ten Simple Ways to Make Your Town More Sustainable

We spoke to Rob Hopkins – environmentalist, author and founder of the Transition movement – about how to make our towns more sustainable.
Saskia Rowlands
Save Yourselves

I Tried to Be Completely Sustainable for a Week

If climate change responsibility is going to be foisted onto individuals over governments, I thought I should check how hard it is to save the world.
Annie Lord