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My Hardcore Adventures in the Dutch Bible Belt

How the extreme dance music has found a new home in the Netherlands' most devout area.


What It's Like to Party in a War Zone

For the first episode of 'Big Night Out' on VICELAND, host Clive Martin travelled to the People's Republic of Donetsk to see how people let off steam in the midst of an ongoing war.


Watch Our Brand New Rave Documentary LOCKED OFF Right Now

Clive Martin surveys the nation's nocturnal landscape to see what can be done after half our clubs have closed down.


Get Ready for Our Brand New Rave Documentary 'Locked Off'

Here's what happens when half of the UK's club shut and people start taking things into their own hands.


The Outsider Brothers Making London's Clubs Exciting Again

Kamixlo and Uli K, the South London sons of Chilean refugees, are taking their sheltered childhood and turning it into the best thing to happen to the capital's nightlife in years.


Why Talk Radio Needs George Galloway

The announcement that he'll soon be back behind the mic is very welcome news.


Diving Into the 1980s Mod Scene with Photographer Paul Hallam

We spoke to Hallam about his new book, Odds & Sodds, a collection of photos from the early-80s mod scene.


Clive Martin Remembers Three Years of Big Nights Out

From Cambridge student piss-ups to basement metal nights, fetish clubs to central London indie discos, he spent three years drinking through Britain's various subcultures.


The Death of British Lad Culture: How the Uni Lads Finally Grew Up

Just three years ago, there was a palpable sense of fear in the media about the horrors Lads were capable of. Now, they've all but disappeared. What happened?


There's More to the Death of Traditional Football Than Those Half and Half Shirts

They've got the internet raging over the demise of the beautiful game, but they're just a symptom of bigger issues threatening the sport.


Touring the West End's Emporiums of Shite with Grime Producer Faze Miyake

Clive Martin and Faze talked grime, fashion, drugs and clubs in a few of the capital's tackiest shops.


How 'Instagram House' Became the Soundtrack to the Lives of British Millennials

Take a boring pop track, add steel drums, pan-pipes and a 4/4 beat and voila: you have Instagram house, a genre of music that sounds like the last day of your holiday.