Cloud Nothings' Cover of Coldplay's "Clocks" is Frankly, Beautifully, Very Disrespectful

This shit sounds like a haunted arcade made from meat, out-of-date mushrooms and every nightmare you've ever had about happy clowns.


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Why Do We Hate Coldplay?

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Ahmed the Clock Kid Peaces Out, Moves to Qatar

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Ben Carson Reminds Us That America Loves to Hate Muslims

Instead of being shamed for saying that a Muslim should never be the President of the United States, Ben Carson has seen a surge in donations and an increase in Facebook followers.


Today in North Korea: Kim Jong-un Is Planning to Establish His Own Timezone

North Korea is often seen as being backwards, but now Kim Jong-Un is literally turning the clocks back.


Question of the Day: What Will You Do with the One Extra Second in 2015?

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