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CM Punk "Working Feverishly" for UFC Comeback Fight

Like many, CM Punk feels underwhelmed by his UFC debut against Mickey Gall and is hoping for a second chance in the promotion – otherwise, he’ll seek another platform.
Jake Hughes

Where Does CM Punk Go From Here?

CM Punk has burned his bridges with not just WWE but much of pro wrestling, and was embarrassed in his UFC debut. Now a great champ faces an uncertain future.
Ian Williams

CM Punk, Legitimate Tough Guys and Predatory Matchmaking

Former WWE star CM Punk is finally making his UFC debut and the MMA world is baying for blood. But how is Punk vs Gall any different from the infamous Dada 5000 versus Kimbo Slice? We compare the two exploitative match ups and rate Punk's chances
Jack Slack

Why I'm Indifferent to CM Punk Versus Mickey Gall

It doesn’t matter if the audience boos or cheers: the only problem is when they don’t make any noise.
Jeff Harder

What Idris Elba and CM Punk Can Teach Us About Professional Fighting

We have tentative hopes that Elba's and CM Punk's documentaries can at least teach us some valuable life lessons™.
Sarah Kurchak

CM Punk Is Already Talking About a Title Shot

You can’t fault the man’s optimism considering he’s not stepped into the Octagon yet.
Jake Hughes

Ryback Spoke Out About How Things Really Work in WWE, and It Hurt

Wrestling is a secretive, silence-driven business. That silence conceals a lot of sketchiness, and when wrestler Ryback wrote about it on Tumblr earlier this week, he exposed it.
Ian Williams
cm punk

CM Punk Is Training for a Real Fight

Phil Brooks was once known as CM Punk – the longest-reigning WWE champion of the modern era. Now retired as a wrestler, he's onto his second career as a fighter – the "real" kind – in the UFC.
VICE Sports

CM Punk's UFC Debut Delayed Again, Needs Back Surgery

The 37-year-old still plans to fight in 2016.
Mike Piellucci

Gathering Excitement for CM Punk’s UFC Debut

The pilot of ‘Lookin’ For a Fight’ introduced MMA audiences to Sage Northcutt. In the latest episode, we got a look at the man who could potentially end up facing CM Punk in his debut, Mickey Gall.
Peter Carroll
Popping the Marks

Who Will End the Undertaker's Streak at Wrestlemania?

The Undertaker’s 20-match undefeated streak, which began back in 1991, needs to be broken.
Michael Muhammad Knight