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How Five Years of Coalition Rule Have Totally Fucked the Young

Whatever happens tomorrow, the "lost generation" needs to reclaim its future.
Ben Beach
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis

Budget cuts have left NHS mental health units running beyond capacity. National bed shortages mean people are shunted all over the country for hospital care. Kids are waiting over two years for treatment. What's happening?
Andrew McNicoll
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The story of Sally Burke and her 13-year-old daughter Maisie, who is sectioned in a psychiatric ward 118 miles away from home in Hull.
VICE Staff

Mad Men and Bad Men: How Elite Advertisers Shaped British Politics

The way we understand and relate to political parties during election time has been controlled by the creative elite for the last 40 years.
David Whelan

This Is Why You Should Care That Our Probation Service Has Just Been Privatised

Unskilled private security companies will now be dealing with those who are deemed to be menaces to British society.
Maya Oppenheim

When Are We Going to Stop Laughing at 'Shit Britain'?

Sacha Baron Cohen's Grimsby is evidence that, in today's culture, working-class toughness is something to be mocked. Why have we turned poor people into punchlines?
Tim Burrows

These Are the Coalition Governments that Could Run Your Life After the Next UK Election

UKIP teaming up with the Tories? The combined charisma of Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg ruling the country?
Joe Sandler Clarke
Here Be Dragons

Do Public Figures Accused of Rape Deserve Anonymity?

Former Deputy Speaker, Mark Pritchard, has been cleared of rape allegation and believes it's unfair that his accuser has the right to remain anonymous, while defendants in these cases don't.
Martin Robbins

The UK's New Supervised Job Search Scheme Feels Like a Farcical Joke

Selected jobseekers have to sit inside a centre 9-5, Monday to Friday, for three months, looking for jobs that don't exist.
Maya Oppenheim

Coalition Politicians Aren't the Right People to Be Fighting Scottish Independence

Danny Alexander might have some sound arguments, but no one's going to listen to a Westminster mouthpiece.
Simon Childs
Milf Teeth

Let's Hear It for the Spineless Lib Dem Toad-Men

It would be funny how pathetic they are, if it weren't for the sexual harassment allegations.
Sophie Heawood