Who Killed the American Demoscene?

I went to Synchrony, one of the US's last active demoparties, where programmers showcase artistic audiovisual works made in marathon coding sessions.


The Brief History of the Taco Emoji Now Has a Happy Ending

Our smart phones have 14 automobile emojis. So what does it mean in our modern world that there's only one taco emoji out there?


Meet New Zealand's 19-Year-Old Jordan Belfort Getting Rich Racketeering on the Dark Web

"I don't mind living with the paranoia."


Coded Compositions Become Rainbow-Colored Geometries

Kim Asendorf's abstract series of browser-based compositions reconsider modern contemporary.


What Would Happen if your Pizza Tweeted Every Time You Take a Bite?

'Tweet Your Food' gives a whole new meaning to the term "live feed."


‘Glitchspace’ Wants to Teach Us How to Code By Actually Playing a Video Game

Space Budgie's puzzler might make you consider a career change; or, failing that, have you sympathising with the people who do coding for a job.


45 Minutes of Algorithmic Genius Compose Karma Fields' Full Album Music Video

Chinese artist Raven Kwok unveils a monumental generative art video that integrates with Karma Fields' album ‘New Age | Dark Age.'


'Cat++' Is a Visual Live-Coding Language Based on Feline Behavior

Nora O' Murchú's new language makes it important to remember: whether real or virtual, cats generally respond to food.


Student–Robot Conferences at The School for Poetic Computation

Among the final student projects: a self-destructing robot, an aura-reading mirror, and a black metal font generator.


Silicon Valley’s Plan to Turn Inmates into Coders

The program promises to be a modern-day foray beyond traditional prison jobs and a rare bridge between the technorati of the Bay Area and those living behind bars just next door.


Artist Paints Record-Breaking Line of Code

Five days and hundreds of feet later, the Twitter HQ wound up with a masterpiece.


Love Birds Meet 'The Matrix' in Actress's New Music Video

"I stopped when I ran out of RAM and deleted the project file in a fit of computer rage," says director Nic Hamilton of his sixth music video for the UK electronic artist.