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Cafe Criticised for Saying It 'Happily' Gentrifies Neighbourhood

Now, community members have erupted in protest, and the local NAACP chapter is calling for a boycott of the chain.


Inside the UK's Secret Cannabis Coffee Shops

I went on a tour of the clandestine smoke spots operating up and down the country.


Meet the War Veteran Leading the Battle Against Expensive Coffee

In a city where lattes cost 45 krone (around £5), this cafe owner charges 15 krone for everything on the menu.


You Pay for Time, Not Coffee, at This 'Anti-Cafe'

At Glass Hour in Brooklyn, you can have as much coffee as your central nervous system can take. But there's a catch.


Meet the People Revolutionising Weed Edibles in Amsterdam

Space cake is actually still the only real edible cannabis product available in the Netherlands. But that's starting to change.


Inside the Brooklyn Cafe Inspired by Breaking Bad

Walter’s Coffee Roasters reimagines what it would have been like if Walter White had worried about where to source his beans, rather than his methylamine.


This Coffee Shop Wants to Sell You Blowjobs with Your Macchiato

If all goes well, Facegirl hopes to open the café by the end of the year. Looks like “un petit café” will have an entirely new meaning in Geneva henceforth.


An Exclusive Interview With the Dutch Coffee Shop Owner Sentenced to 103 Years in a Thai Prison

Johan Van Laarhoven has been convicted for spending money in Thailand that he earned by selling cannabis in The Netherlands. I spoke to him during his weekly visit to the Police General Hospital in Bangkok.


In Today's Comic, an Australian Provides a Guide to Manhattan

"They never built over Central Park, because a dragon lives there."


Can Weed Stop Marseille's Drug Dealers From Killing Each Other?

Mohamed Bensaada wants to legalise cannabis in the area and turn the dealers into coffee shop waiters.


A Big Day Out at... the Guardian's New 'Data-Driven' Coffee Shop!

Weirdly, it's not a hoax or a parody.