This Art Exhibition Is All About Beer

Drink up: 'Art on Tap,' at the Museum of Wisconsin Arts, has everything from antique lithographs to beer tastings.


A Fashion Student Is Designing Clothes with Alexander McQueen’s Cloned Skin

Fashion design student Tina Gorjanc designed a collection of leather goods based on McQueen’s DNA.


You Can Buy David Bowie's Art Collection (If You Have the Cash)

The Thin White Duke's art collection is a glimpse into how he thought about creativity.


Serbia’s Secretive Soft Porn Photos

Over the years, I've unearthed a hidden collection of vintage erotica from a number of reluctant market sellers.


Meet the Collector Trying to Build the Internet's Next Big Digital Art Market

Talking to Mike Duca, co-founder of the NeonMob online digital art platform.


​We Watched the Police Try to Find Owners for 1000 Pairs of Stolen Shoes

Last month a 57 year-old Melbourne man was arrested for stealing a crazy amount of shoes over a period of several years. On Monday the police held a collection day to give them back.


We Saw the World's First Throne Made Out of 'Jerry Maguire' VHS Tapes

There are 7,489 'Jerrys', all in one place for the first time ever.


This Guy Is Trying to Collect Every Single Copy of the Movie 'Speed' on VHS

Ryan Beitz currently owns over 500 copies of the movie 'Speed'. His goal is a simple one: To collect every copy of 'Speed' on VHS ever made.



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Free Brain

The best thing I ever got in a rare record trade was a Volvo station wagon, which I got in 90 for some psych LPs.