Photos of People Who Dress Like Their Cars

The Italian photographer Lucia Buricelli documents the bizarre consumerism at car shows in her new series 'American Muscle.'


I Ate Monochromatic Meals For the Sake of Art

I'm obsessed with conceptual artist Sophie Calle's 1998 work "The Chromatic Diet." I wanted to see how it worked in the age of unicorn food.


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Drawing Colorful Creatures Is This Artist's Hangover Cure | Monday Insta Illustrator

"The best moment for being creative is while lying hung-over in bed. No mental blocks, no demands on my thoughts...just me, my keyboard and pizza."


Pops of Rainbow Color on Metal and Wood Sculptures Spin a Tale of Environmental Exploitation

Conceptual artist Arne Quinze interprets mankind’s ecological destruction.


Flowering Alien Bio-Sculptures Burst from Walls

Crystal Wagner's ‘Bioforms and Blooms’ experiments in 2D and 3D space.


Massive Spray Paintings Turn Tagger Tools into Fine Art Ammo

Katharina Grosse's energetic paintings owe the tagger's aerosol bottle for its unique textures.


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Here's our curated roundup of the art and the artists we spoke with at the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair at Art Week Miami 2016.


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