It's a Really Good Time to Be a Weed Smuggler

Legalising marijuana has hurt the black market within those US states – but opened up more possibilities for cross-state smugglers.
Hayley Fox
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School Nurses Can Now Give Kids Medical Marijuana in Colorado

All they need is a note from the parents and principal.
River Donaghey
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US Olympian Overslept, Still Won Gold Medal, Yelled 'Fuck' On Live TV

The 17-year-old is the youngest American man in 90 years to win an Olympic gold.
River Donaghey
House Party

Here's Where the Democrats Must Win to Retake the House in 2018

Our preview of the midterms starts with a look at the most flippable seats in the country.
Robert Wheel

Here Are the Most Common Ways Weed Sends People to Hospital

A new study has revealed the top five reasons for marijuana-induced hospitalisation.
Angela Skujins
true crime

The Botched Kidnapping and Murder of an American Beer Baron

In one of the most sensational celebrity kidnapping sagas after the Lindbergh baby's, Adolph Coors III vanished – and the feds came down hard.
Seth Ferranti
Weed Week

This Is Probably the Most Stoned Stretch Of Highway In All America

Cops in 'Buzzkill County' swear they aren't targeting stoners who just left Colorado. But the arrest numbers there are eye-popping.
Max Rivlin-Nadler

Even Furries Are Fighting Fascists

What's a community built on principles of extreme acceptance to do when actual Nazis show up in their midst?
Allie Conti

There's So Much Legal Weed That It Might Now Be Too Cheap

It's good news for consumers in the short-term, but might put small growers out of business, leaving kush fiends with fewer options.
Brian Moylan

10 Classic Album Covers Get Modern Illustration

Black Sabbath, Weezer, Beck, Fugees, Hot Chip, and more get visual interpretations in Vinyl Me, Please's custom artwork.
Beckett Mufson
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Bernie Sanders and the Battle for Universal Healthcare in Colorado

Last week, Bernie Sanders endorsed a little-known campaign in Colorado that could have far-reaching effects on America's struggling healthcare system.
Nathan Schneider

How a Kid from America Became World Champion of a Japanese Sport We've Never Heard Of

Twenty-one-year-old Bonz Atron is living a glamorous double life: When he's not the receptionist for a log cabin complex outside Boulder, Colorado, he's a superstar kendama player in Japan.
Tom Harrad