These Munchie-Shaped Pipes Will Give You the Munchies

Snack-themed ceramic pipes offer a new way to play with your food.


Don an Augmented Reality Outfit at the Ace Hotel

'Blastosphere: Digital Art Becomes 3D Fashion' opens today with three new NewHive commissions from Alexandra Gorczynski, Miles Peyton, and Tara Sinn.


Past-Meets-Internet in Alexandra Gorczynski's New Works

Merging a classic sculptures and architectures with organic and digital elements, the Philadelphia-based artist creates dynamic, timeless landscapes.


Underpaid Chinese Artists Commissioned To Recreate Stock Photos Of "Artists" As Paintings

The best way to paint "A Contemporary Portrait of the Internet Artist?" Outsource imitations of stereotypical stock photos, of course.


John Gerrard's Virtual Reality Solar Power Plant Opens Today In Lincoln Center

At the center of the Lincoln Center, a giant LED screen recreates a solar power plant in Nevada in real time.


[#DIGART] Are Brands The New Medicis?

Brands are bankrolling a large chunk of the digital arts sector under the guise of advertising campaigns. Do we have a new art patronage model on our hands?