A Student Protester in Hong Kong Was Shot in the Chest on China’s National Day

This is the first reported incident of the police's live ammunition hitting a protester since the pro-democracy rallies started.


A Day with Europe's Biggest Kim Jong-un Fan

Andrea Marsiletti's latest book is a love letter to Kim Jong-un and socialism.


So, What Actually Is Communism Then?

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The Creep of Fascism

How far-right rhetoric is becoming the new normal.


'The Americans' Is 'The Sopranos' of This Decade

I can't believe more people aren't obsessed with this show.


Karl Marx Has Never Been More Relevant

And would you look at that – it's his 200th birthday this weekend.


Photos of Romania's Beautifully Practical Balconies

In city that's running out of space, the people of Bucharest are making the most of what their communist housing blocks have to offer.


The Soviet Posters Meant to Keep Russians from Drinking

Russia's 1985 ban on alcohol proved disastrous for the economy, but it was a great time for lovers of beautiful anti-alcohol posters.


At The Vanguard: Paolo Sollier, Italian Football’s Die-Hard Left Winger

Though he is little known on these shores, Paolo Sollier remains a counterculture icon in Italy. While his football often flew under the radar, his far-left politics certainly did not.


I Played Illegal Pool with Mobsters in Communist Romania

The biggest stars had nicknames like "the Butcher" and "The Barber", while my manager wore grenades on his belt.


Marxist Vegan Restaurant in Michigan Closes for Predictably Marxist Reasons

Unfortunately for Grand Rapids' Garden Diner & Cafe, refusing to be a traditional business proved to not be very good for, uh, business.


An Ideological Candy Shop Gave Croatian History Lessons at Art Basel

Irena Haiduk’s booth as part of the Kabinett Section of Art Basel offered candy to fairgoers….if they were willing to take a political stance.