Conor Oberst


Watch Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers Finally Cover "Shallow"

Better Oblivion Community Center surprised Brooklyn Steel last night with a pitch perfect rendition of the 'A Star Is Born' breakout.


Phoebe Bridgers and Conor Oberst Just Released a Whole-Ass LP Together

The two singer-songwriters released their self-titled debut as Better Oblivion Community Center Wednesday night, after a performance on 'Colbert.'


Conor Oberst's Desaparecidos Project Made One of His Best Albums

2002's "Read Music, Speak Spanish" is still a reminder that you can sing about anti-capitalism and make it beautiful.


Listen to Conor Oberst's New Single with Phoebe Bridgers, "LAX"

The standalone song was produced by Simone Felice.


Bright Eyes Is Forever, Not Just for Puberty

Conor Oberst's melodrama hits hard in adolescence but as you age, you grow into understanding its themes – heartbreak, death, depression – more.


Conor Oberst’s Long Few Years

The singer discusses the growing pains of building a legacy career.


The New Pornographers Soar and Conor Oberst Grows Up: Expert Witness with Robert Christgau

The Dean of American Rock Critics takes on The New Pornographers' 'Whiteout Conditions' and Oberst's 'Salutations.'


No Nostalgia: Jenny Lewis on 'Rabbit Fur Coat' Ten Years Later

When Lewis wrote this LP she was still figuring out what she believed in. Now she reflects on how far she's come and her all-female record label, Lovesway.


Conor Oberst: Wuss-Rock No More

People were cruel to the Bright Eyes frontman early on, but over many years and dozens of albums, he's proven his status as a legacy artist.


Desaparecidos Didn’t Give a Fuck Back Then, and They Don’t Give a Fuck Now

An interview with Conor Oberst and Matt Baum about the triumphant return of the elusive Omaha band.


Corporate Rock

Popular music as social criticism has a long history of sucking shit.