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A Clerk Called the Cops on a Kid Buying Candy for Being 'Black' and 'Arrogant'

"The first thing that popped in my mind absolutely was just discrimination."
Drew Schwartz
7 Eleven

Mother and Daughter Fend Off Carjackers with Cup of 7-Eleven Hot Chocolate

The suspects remain at large.
Mayukh Sen

Investigating Sindhuworld, the Internet's Favourite Corner Shop

The south London offie has started releasing music and I don't understand what is going on.
Angus Harrison
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask an Off-Licence Owner

"Once, the National Front popped in to intimidate us, but my mum chased them down the street, brandishing a stick, calling them 'white monkeys'."
Annie Lord
Fast Food

This Shop Wants to Make "Breakfast Pizza" a Thing (and It's Working)

It will be available either by the slice or as an entire pie, because 7-Eleven knows that you can’t hate yourself all day unless you start first thing in the morning.
Hilary Pollack

The Christmas Spirit Lives In the UK's Convenience Store Snacks

On Christmas, when British shops basically shut down, convenience stores will still be bestowing their convenience —and comforting reliability—on us all.
Nell Frizzell

This Cookbook Turns the Weird Tins From Your Cornershop Into Dinner

Food writers Sophie Missing and Caroline Craig's new cookbook creates dishes with supplies sourced entirely from their local shop, including Spam ramen, star anise chicken, and "bastardised koshari."
Ava Szajna-Hopgood

Some of Miami’s Best Tapas and Wine Are Inside This Gas Station

This convenience store is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With one of the better selections of wine in the city of Miami, this place is clearly not fucking around.
Alex Swerdloff
Food policy

Putting Health Food in Food Deserts Doesn’t Change People's Buying Habits

A team of researchers from Drexel supplied two East Los Angeles corner stores with improved shelving, training, and social media marketing, as well as more fruits and vegetables. Sadly, they did not get the results they hoped for.
Nick Rose