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The Camp, Creepy Appeal of 'The Lost Boys'

We look back on Joel Schumacher's 80s cult classic, 30 years after it was made.


Am I the Only One Who Sees the Beauty in THAT Corey Feldman Performance?

Nobody has ever gone for something harder than Corey Feldman has gone for "it" during this moment.


Corey Feldman Singing in an Empty Baseball Stadium is Depressing as (Almost) Hell

Corey Feldman put on a concert after a minor league baseball game and, man, it is depressing as Hell.


We Went to One of Corey Feldman's Parties (Again)

Photographers were banned, so we sent cartoonist Johnny Ryan.


I'm Being Cyberbullied by Corey Feldman

As some of you may have seen, I recently wrote an article about attending Corey Feldman's birthday party. Though the article was approved by Corey, he became very mad after its publication. Yesterday, he put out a press release accusing me of...


More Photos from Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

Corey wasn't happy with the photos I posted, so here are some more.


I Went to Corey Feldman's Birthday Party

DISCLAIMER: I was only allowed to attend Corey's birthday party under the condition that he have final edit of whatever I write. Within this post is the text approved by Corey Feldman.