Nightlife Isn't Dead

The Rise of the Rural Sesh

Airbnb has birthed a new party tradition.
Angus Harrison

This Is What Deer Stalkers Eat for Breakfast

“It was a male muntjac weighing about eight kilos. Here’s his liver and his kidneys.”
Johanna Derry
Oh Snap

Fox Hunting Enthusiasts Talk About Repealing the Ban

Theresa May has said she's in favour of fox-hunting and will allow a vote in parliament on repealing the ban if she's elected.
Sophie Wilkinson
Love Letters

A Love Letter to the Real English Countryside

We're made to think fields and hedgerows are a safe, bland alternative to the city, but that couldn't be any further from the truth.
Kev Kharas

Photos of Romanians Cycling in the Countryside

In the Romanian countryside, cycling isn't about the environment – it's just practical.
Ana Topoleanu

We Asked Young Farmers How They Feel About the Rest of the World Stealing Their Look

Thanks to 'Peaky Blinders', sales of flat caps have apparently gone up 83 percent this year. But what do actual farmers think about it? Are they furious that their style is being appropriated?
Tom Usher

Green Peace: How Nature Actually Benefits Your Mental Health

Recently, scientists have been working out whether grass and trees could be used to treat depression and anxiety.
Lucy Jones

Why Mutton Actually Tastes Better Than Lamb

Mutton, the meat of an adult sheep, isn’t the tough old meat we spurn in favour of juicy lamb—it’s meat with added flavour. That’s according to the Lake District’s Herdwick sheep farmers.
Johanna Derry

Can Sacking Off the City and Moving to the Countryside Actually Make You Happier?

We asked writers who ditched the filth and buzz of big cities for a life in the country to tell us if it lived up to the fantasy or not.
Amy Liptrot, Katie Harkin, Tom Usher, Milly McMah

This Guy's Been Pissing Off His Welsh Neighbours with His Outdoor Fetish Gatherings

We talked to Guy Masterleigh about his British heritage-themed kink parties and why they've been causing concerns with local residents.
Mac Hackett
the Earth Died Screaming Issue

This Green Unpleasant Land

Britain's countryside is becoming a dumping ground for organised crime.
Max Daly
Election '15

Shooting the Shit with the Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance are a group of quite posh people who love guns, dogs and killing things with guns for dogs to get. We hung out with them to get their thoughts on Election '15.
Gav Haynes