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Rihanna Is Suing Her Dad

The singer claims her father has been misusing her name to conduct business without her knowledge.
Kristin Corry
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Adnan Syed from 'Serial' Is Getting a New Trial

An appeals court ruled that his attorney's failure to call up an alibi witness in 2000 warrants Syed another shot at proving his innocence in his girlfriend's murder.
Drew Schwartz

This Guy Taught a Pug to Heil Hitler and Was Convicted of a Hate Crime

The "professional shitposter" who goes by the name Count Dankula could wind up behind bars for up to six months.
Drew Schwartz
Life Inside

I Set a Defendant Free And Got Blamed When He Raped Someone

A judge explains how he decides whether to release someone before trial without bail—and how it can go bad.
Ronald Kessler
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Hey, Turns Out Laughing Gas Is Technically Still Legal!

A judge has ruled that NOS isn't covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act, which is what made it illegal in the first place.
Patrick Heardman

Laugh Not at the Man Who Drank One Beer and Called the Cops on Himself

It’s better to go to jail than to live in the torture chamber of your mind.
Drew Brown
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Ah, the Beauty of a New Zealand Court Listening to "Lose Yourself" in Silence

Put this one in the Tate Modern.
Issy Beech
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This Judge Won't Hear Adoption Cases for Gay Parents

Judge W. Mitchell Nance said his decision was "a matter of conscience."
Drew Schwartz
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Dylann Roof Has Given Up

The Charleston church shooter will plead guilty to state murder charges in exchange for a life sentence, sparing survivors another gruelling trial.
Drew Schwartz

A Courtroom Is a Crappy Spot for a Coke Deal

Canadian mounties say they watched a man hand-deliver a baggie to a prisoner on Friday.
Sarah Berman

The Atheist in AA Fighting to Get 'God' Taken Out of the 12 Steps

Last year, Lawrence Knight took Alcoholics Anonymous to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to take a stand against how non-believers have traditionally been treated in AA.
Ryan Moore

Lawyers Talk About the Cases They Can't Forget

Frédéric Berna once had to defend a man accused of killing his baby, sexually assaulting his daughter and fatally hitting his girlfriend with a flashlight, before raping her corpse.
Sandrine Issartel