Does Queer Nightlife Need to Go Back in the Closet to Survive?

Cops shutting down my New Year's Eve party suggests that our communities need to go deeper underground to stay alive.


Goodbye, Xbox 360, and Thanks for the Memories

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New Report Reveals an Insidious Culture of Sexual Assault and Harassment in an Australian Police Force

Alongside abusing their own members, allegations include grooming, stalking and sexually assaulting vulnerable members of the community.


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The Chinese Didn't Recognise the Tiananmen Massacre On its Anniversary

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It's GREAT British Week in Bahrain

GREAT as in, "It's GREAT to sell weapons to oppressive regimes."


Is Thailand Heading for a Coup This Week?

The army just sent a bunch of troops and tanks to the anti-government protests in Bangkok.


The Spanish Government Is Trying to Outlaw Peaceful Protest

They've come up with a new law that looks at the recent history of dissent and bans it all.


Sudan's Government Isn't Going Down Without a Fight

Anti-regime rioting has led to a week of mayhem and death.