Craft Beer


This Peanut Butter-Flavoured Beer Looks Like A KKK Member

And yet somehow neither of those things is why it might be discontinued.


iPhones Are the Real Threat to Craft Beer, Not Weed, Says Brewers Association CEO

Apparently, people just aren’t going out to mingle at the bar because we've all got dating apps on our phones.


Inside the NSFW Subreddit that Combines Nudes and Craft Beer Nerdery

r/ShowerBeersGoneWild's nearly 8,000 members run the gamut between men and women, microbrew aficionados and Bud Light Lime lovers.


America's First Black Craft Beer Festival Was a Success. Will the Industry Pay Attention?

“I love craft beer, and I’m in breweries all the time... and you know what? It’s still not comfortable for me. These are all-white crowds.”


Over Half of Adults in the UK Struggle to Afford Pints at the Pub

Research from the Campaign for Real Ale shows that the average cost of a pint in London is £5.20, and £3.50 in the rest of the UK.


Meet TRAPPIST, a Grindcore Band Dedicating Its Music and Message Entirely to Craft Beer

"There’s 40,000 grind bands out there who have entire albums where every song is about either zombies or gore... At least beer is fucking real."


Is Craft Beer Dying? An Investigation

With new sales data suggesting that consumers are bored of the “craft” label, is this finally the end of expensive, weird-tasting beer?


Punish Yourself with This Pepper Spray-Flavoured Craft Beer

Ever wanted to get drunk off the same ingredients that can disable a would-be attacker? Well, now you can!


Owner of Queer, Black-Owned Brewery Says 'White Supremacy' Led to Its Closure

During its six-month tenure, Black Star Line Brewery faced death threats, numerous break-ins, and complicated financial woes.


These Young Brewers Are Fighting Greece's Economic Crisis with Craft Beer

Amid financial turmoil, they're finding success with craft beers in wine-loving Greece.


Drink David Lynch's New 'Twin Peaks' Beer While You Try to Figure Out WTF Is Going On in 'Twin Peaks'

The limited-edition beers are the result of a collaboration between Lynch and Danish microbrewery Mikkeller.


How a Vietnamese Strip Mall Restaurant Launched One of America's Coolest Craft Beer Scenes

Mekong, an unassuming Vietnamese spot, is credited with igniting Richmond's now-thriving brewery scene.