Looks Like Someone Lost a Giant Noah's Ark

The massive floating Bible museum wreaked havoc on a small fishing port in the Netherlands.


Harrison Ford Fucks Up, Nearly Crashes His Plane Into an Airliner

The Indiana Jones actor sort of nearly had (another) very serious accident while flying one of his private planes.


Bolivian Government Officially Blames Pilot, Airline for Chapecoense Disaster

Although they haven't listed the exact cause of the crash, the Bolivian government is officially blaming the pilot, Miguel Quiroga, and the charter airline in a new report.


Graffiti Icon Crash Serves Up an Animated One-Two Punch in Chelsea

Culling from pop culture and comic book lore, the Nuyorican artist continues to produce dazzling murals both locally and globally.


Space Out with Against Me!'s One-Take Video for "Crash"

Featuring kickass LED lights, lasers, and KISS makeup.


Aussie Moto GP Boss Jack ‘Jackass’ Miller Has Broken His Back And Wrist In A Horror Crash

The 21-year-old looks set for a lengthy stint on the sidelines after a serious crash at the Austrian Grand Prix.


Kendrick Lamar's Grammy Wins Are a Win for the Academy, Too

The academy's recognition of Lamar was both a departure from its historically vanilla taste and yet another affirmation of it.


I Watched 26 Teams Create Horror Movies from Scratch in Just 48 Hours

This year's Tasploitation Challenge in Hobart, Tasmania took place against a backdrop of a real-life tragic car accident.


We Know What Brought Down Flight MH17: What Happens Next?

While we finally have a real explanation, identifying those responsible and getting them into a courtroom is another story.


What China's 'Black Monday' Means for the UK Economy

We don't have to start stock-piling baked beans just yet, but China's slump shows that our addiction to debt will cause crisis after crisis.


Why the Fuck Do Air Shows Still Exist?

The mild enjoyment of watching a plane do a loop-the-loop really doesn't justify the death toll since air shows began.