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Rape Victims Are Being Told They Can't Go to Therapy

If you're sexually assaulted in the UK, the authorities may tell you not to speak with therapists about the assault until after the trial is complete. The impact of this silence can be devastating.
Sirin Kale
Noisey News

Jay-Z Says "Probation is a Trap" In a Searing New Op-Ed

He addressed the plight of Meek Mill and millions of others for the New York Times.
Noisey Staff
criminal justice system

Why Are Twice the Amount of Black Women Imprisoned for Drug Crimes Than White Women?

In the UK, for every 100 white women handed custodial sentences for drug offences in 2014, 227 black women were imprisoned.
Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff and Ella Wilks-Harper
VICE Long Reads

Exploring the Mental Health Crisis in Britain's Prisons

The police, the probation service and the NHS are all feeling the strain of dealing with offenders with mental health problems – and in many cases failing.
Mark Wilding

Ex-Cons Remember Their Worst Jobs After Being Released from Prison

From a gig as a farm hand that involved fixing a cow's prolapsed vagina, to a job that involved picking up trash while walking through raw sewage.
Seth Ferranti

'The Night Of' Shows Us More Ways the Criminal Justice System Traps People

HBO's legal drama is not a show about justice, but the justice system. And never has that difference been more apparent than on Sunday's episode.
Harry Cheadle
Life Inside

What I’ve Learned as a Jail Doctor

The exam room was set up so the inmate sat between me and the bright red panic button. I'd not felt compelled to use the button yet.
Alia Moore

An Artist Caged Himself in New York to Fight for Prison Reform

Over the weekend, Lech Szporer’s performance-disruption indicted a broken criminal justice system.
Julia Lourie
The Prison Issue

Full Bleed: Escaping Alcatraz

​These photos by Anthony Tafuro feature Alcatraz Island, a tough prison for any convict looking to break free.
Anthony Tafuro
The Prison Issue

Silicon Valley’s Plan to Turn Inmates into Coders

The program promises to be a modern-day foray beyond traditional prison jobs and a rare bridge between the technorati of the Bay Area and those living behind bars just next door.
Mary Pilon
The Prison Issue

What Happens When Inmates in Solitary Confinement Blow the Whistle on Their Abuse?

A group of inmates calling themselves the Dallas Six banded together and grew committed to bringing their prison's abusive conditions to light, even in the face of being confined there longer.
Molly Crabapple
The Prison Issue

'Engulfed': Fiction by Curtis Dawkins

A short story about criminals, prison, and lies.
Curtis Dawkins