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Youth Services Are Heading for Complete Collapse, According to a New Report

£387 million has been cut from the services since 2010.
Joe Bish
Is University Still Worth It?

How Your University Could Go Bust

The rise of private universities means places of education are no longer too big to fail, with no precautions for students who are caught in the middle.
Rebecca Ratcliffe

The Aristocratic Oedipus Complex: What David Cameron's Spat with His Mum Tells Us About the Government

Trying to understand the strange neurosis gripping the Tory Party.
Sam Kriss
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Why Was a Tory Councillor Plotting to 'Play Dirty' with Feminist Activists?

We speak to Sisters Uncut, the women's rights campaigners caught up in a leaked smear campaign by a Tory politician.
Hannah Ewens

​For a Whole Bunch of Reasons, 2016 Looks Set to Be the Year of the STI

How can STI rates be up even though fewer people are having sex?
Martin Robbins
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Three Ways George Osborne Could U-Turn on Tax Credits

It looks like the Chancellor could be gearing up for a massive volte-face over the controversial policy that would make 3.3 million working families poorer.
Sirin Kale

This Is Why British Soldiers Are Finding it Harder to Come Back to the UK

We talked to some soldiers overseas about the difficulties they face in travelling back to the UK now that their overseas wage subsidies have been slashed.
Ajay Rose
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

When Are We Going to Stop Marginalising Black and Minority Ethnic Mental Health Patients?

The government has all but abandoned the vital issue of race in mental health treatment – a frightening reality when you consider that the number of people from BME groups being admitted for crisis care vastly outweigh any other.
Joanna Fuertes Knight
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

Inside Britain's Mental Health Crisis

Budget cuts have left NHS mental health units running beyond capacity. National bed shortages mean people are shunted all over the country for hospital care. Kids are waiting over two years for treatment. What's happening?
Andrew McNicoll

Meeting London's Lollipop Men and Women Before They All Disappear

Government cuts have forced councils to axe a load of lollipop jobs, so we had a walk around and asked some of the hi-vis men and women what they think about it.
George Nelson

Too Poor to Die

Life is difficult in austerity Britain and now, too, is death. Rising funeral costs and reduced state support means many poor families are forced to rely on the council to bury their loved ones.
Maya Oppenheim

Are the Conservatives Really Pro-LGBT or Just Pinkwashing the Vote?

It's difficult to overlook the savage cuts on community services and the minimal impact they've had on homophobia in schools or abroad.
Chris Godfrey