Privacy and Perception Issue

Searching for Traces of My Late Father Online

My father was murdered years before the internet existed as we know it. But I still search for traces of him there.
Gabrielle Birkner

Millennials Talk About Moving Back in With Their Parents

Stories of hiding weed, naked dads and caring for sick loved ones.
Allison Tierney

Wedding DJs Describe the Worst Speeches They've Ever Heard

"The crowd was deathly silent, broken only by the occasional 'oh my god.'"
Maggie Coggan
Father's Day

I Loved My Dad, But Hated His Machismo

My Mexican-American father gave me everything. But I don't want his patriarchal worldview.
Gabriel A. Solis

Being a Sex Worker Was Easy, Telling My Dad Was Hard

"I almost believed he would have an easier time accepting me as a murderer than a whore."
Kaytlin Bailey
the worst things of all time

Dad Attends Cosmic Festival of Electronic Music, Science and Stargazing, Then Complains it Stank of Hella Weed

"I’m not stupid and could tell the smell a mile off," your da told the Manchester Evening News.
Emma Garland

We Got a Dad to Talk to Schoolboy Q About Being a Dad

"Fuck, we're such great fathers", we imagine them saying.
Cam Lindsay

My Father's Journey Around the World with Stolen Plane Tickets

After a chance encounter with a Black Panther, my father embarked on the adventure of his life—an adventure that led him as if by fate to my mother.
Naomi Melati Bishop
food porn

This Week in Food Porn: Father's Day Feasts

Let’s raise a glass of real ale to the man who gave you eyebrows and a possible inherited cholesterol problem. Here is the best in dad-favourite food pics uploaded to Instagram this week.
Nell Frizzell
food sharing

What Dads Eat

Happy Father's Day! Are you looking for inspiration for serving Dad breakfast in bed? This is the internet's most comprehensive list of what dads eat.
Munchies Staff

The Only Dish My Dad Taught Me to Make Is Fried and Smothered in Butter

The recipe handed down to me by the six-earrings-tattoos-and-bare-feet man that gave me half my genes is a true New Zealand classic. Pikelets are fluffy clouds of flour and milk, halfway between a crumpet and a crepe.
Nell Frizzell
vice shorts

Watch This Silly Retro Short Film About a British Teenager's Search for His Real Dad

In 'Gutpunch,' 15-year-old Adam discovers that his biological father could be any one of the desperadoes from a 1980s video-dating tape and embarks on a suburban quest to find the man he can now call 'Dad.'
Jeffrey Bowers