Daniel Dylan Wray


What to Do If You're Ever Taken Hostage

An interview with a hostage negotiator.


An Oral History of 'Trainspotting', Twenty Years On

Ewan McGregor, Kelly MacDonald and Irvine Welsh talk about the book, the filming of the movie, the backlash and the sequel.


Talking Ten Years of 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' with Two of Its Stars

Catching up with Glenn Howerton and Charlie Day ahead of the show's eleventh season.


An Interview with Author John Niven About the Excess and Depravity of the British Music Industry in the 1990s

Niven's cult classic Kill Your Friends is being turned into a film, so we had a chat about its subject matter.


Catching Up with Damien Echols, Former Death Row Inmate and a Member of the West Memphis Three

Over 20 years ago, Echols and two of his metalhead friends were convicted of the "satanic" murders of three eight-year-old boys. Eighteen years later, after cries of injustice, they were released.


Touring Sheffield's Working Men's Clubs Before They're Lost to the Past

They need to break out of the booze 'n' bingo mould if they want to survive this generation of drinkers.


Meeting Nottingham's Drunk, Dedicated Darts Fans

Turns out dressing like an elderly woman is very popular at live darts events.


This Guy from Edinburgh's Estates Made a 'Real-Life Trainspotting' About His Youth

Garry Fraser grew up in Muirhouse, an estate north of Edinburgh that was being decimated by heroin and AIDS. After getting off a crippling crack addiction, he started making films and is now a BAFTA and MTV Award winner.


Sylvester Stallone's £500 Sheffield 'Meet and Greet' Was Completely Fucking Weird

There were anti-Israel protesters, sobbing fits, arm wrestling, a marriage proposal and a woman who once waited six hours in the rain to see his hand. Oh, and Mike Read – that UKIP-loving DJ – was the host.


Meeting Korn and Slipknot's Diehard British Fans

We sent a former townie to meet the grungers who hated him at school.


This Is How British Cults Work

I spoke to Ian Haworth, who's been running the UK's Cult Information Centre for over 20 years.


Extreme Porn, Xtreme Wrestling and Solitary Confinement: The Life and Times of Rob Black

I spoke to Black – a man who was criticised for his depictions of simulated rape, before ultimately being jailed for them – about what he's up to these days.