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The VICE Media Power List: 'What's a Beauty YouTuber?' Edition

From over-14s learning about James Charles to Danny Dyer on a horse, here's a ranking of the recent stories the media couldn't get enough of.
Gavin Haynes

The Best Moments from 'Danny Dyer's Right Royal Family'

"Let's go and have a tear up with the Normandy mob, let's have it."
Lauren O'Neill
love island 2k18

The 'Love Island' Power Ranking: Week Eight

Everything ends.
Lauren O'Neill
Emma Garland
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Danny Dyer's Mum Had a Growhouse Fire in Her Loft

Some bloke has been arrested. Her neighbours say he's "scruffy".
Carlton Férment
defending the indefensible

Why It's Time to Stop Sneering at Celebrity DJ Sets

Celebrity DJ sets are as much a part of mainstream club culture as 2-4-1 deals on vodka cokes.
Josh Baines
Vice Blog

Danny Dyer, Olly Murs and the Trouble with Straight People Coopting Queer Culture

When pop stars dip into queer culture as a means of self-discovery, they ignore how fragile queer people take those freedoms to be.
James Butler
VICE vs Video games

The Ketamine Secrets of Sega’s ‘Ecco the Dolphin’

The unlikely connection between a drug-addicted scientist and a cute video game character.
Tom Jones

Explaining Danny Dyer: A Heroic English Slag

Who is Danny Dyer? He is a lad's icon and a mother's pin-up. He is nothing that America can possibly understand. He is a believer. He is one of us. He is England.
Joel Golby, Illustrations: Dan Evans

Danny Dyer's New Movie Is So Bad They Won't Let Anyone See It

It's only taken £747 at the box office, but don't let that degrade the rest of his legacy.
Clive Martin

Question of the Day - Are Football Hooligans Sexy?

Does an appetite for lager and mindless violence turn you on?
Kareem Ghezawi, Simon Childs