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New Footage Shows What Michael Brown Was Doing Before His Death

The previously unseen video suggests that there might be more to the robbery than initially presented by Ferguson police.


A Year After Ferguson, There's Still No Peace

The police shooting of two young men of colour this week shows that even as more Americans consider race to be the biggest issue facing the country and citizens are increasingly attuned to how cops target minorities, little has changed at the local...


Ferguson Witness Dorian Johnson Got Arrested After Filing a Lawsuit Against the Police

He was arrested in an altercation with St. Louis cops hours after suing the city of Ferguson for inflicting emotional distress on him the day he watched Michael Brown die.


How Should We Handle Police Shootings in Post-Ferguson America?

Now that the feds have declined to press civil rights charges against Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, police reformers are mulling their next move.


The Ferguson Report Shows Exactly What Living in a Police State Is Like

We now have specific examples of what it's like to be a black resident of the city – and it sounds a lot like being a character in a dystopian novel.


Cops in Ferguson Are Extremely Racist, According to the Feds

Racist emails and other evidence leaking out from a federal probe into the city's police department paints a picture of systematic discrimination.


Artist ​Titus Kaphar On His New Solo Show and Unarmed Black Men in America

"I feel very strongly that most of the history that we have been taught is at best incomplete, and at worse fiction."


Why Can't Ferguson Grand Jurors Talk About the Darren Wilson Case?

A 1990 Supreme Court ruling suggests the grand juror suing Missouri for the right to speak out has a decent shot at victory.


Let's Please Not Have an Anti-Anti-Cop Backlash

The execution-style murder of two Brooklyn cops this weekend is an outrageous tragedy, but it shouldn't detract from the broader fight to reform America's police.


A Racist with a History of Lying Was a Witness in the Darren Wilson Grand Jury

A new report suggests that 45-year-old Sandra McElroy, a serial liar with a history of head trauma, may have helped get Officer Darren Wilson off scot-free after killing Michael Brown.


2014 Was a Rough Year for Minorities

This was a rough year for minorities. If you're not getting shot at, you're probably being called a name or generally harassed for something you have no control over.


Let's Not Get Hung Up on Property Damage When We Talk About Protests

News reports on protests that focus on broken windows or a shop's momentary loss of income are missing the broader context of why people take to the streets to demand change.