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Why We’re Still Addicted To ‘Rocket League’, One Year Later

Psyonix's muscle-cars-and-massive-balls game has been a mainstay of our evenings since it came out, and we're not about to break the habit any time soon.
Mike Diver, David Whelan and Joel Golby

Why We Should All Be More Pretentious

As an insult, pretentiousness says more about the accuser than the accused.
David Whelan

I Went to an Art Show About the Internet to See if I'd 'Get' the Internet Art

Since we now mainly use technology to judge ourselves, and because technology has made me cripplingly self-aware, I figured the show might teach me a couple of things about myself.
David Whelan, Photos: Jake Lewis
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‘The Witness’ Is 2016’s First Absolutely Essential Video Game

Jonathan Blow's comeback is a magical achievement that has little to do with video gaming precedent.
David Whelan

What Does Our Obsession With True Crime Podcasts Say About Us?

Everyone's an armchair detective now. And sometimes it doesn't sit comfortably.
David Whelan
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‘Undertale’ Is One of the Most Remarkable Video Games Ever Made

Toby Fox's new game, currently the highest-rated PC title of all time, remembers whether you've been naughty or nice.
David Whelan
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Happy 20th Anniversary, Rayman, You Glorious Freak of Gaming

Ubisoft's odd little bundle of floating limbs debuted in September 1995, and despite some awful games along the way he remains relevant today.
David Whelan

We Asked Some Male VICE Writers to Tell Us About Their Worst Ever Break-Up

A study earlier this week found that men are objectively terrible at getting over break-ups. We got four of our favourite male writers to tell us whether or not that's bullshit.
VICE Staff
The VICE Guide to Mental Health

What It's Like Recovering from a Suicide Attempt

More people below the age of 35 die from suicide in this country than any other reason. This is what it's like to reach a point where death seems like the only rational option, but also how the experience can be a catalyst for recovery.
David Whelan
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This Is What Happens When You Play ‘Bloodborne’ For 24 Hours Straight

No respite, no retreat. No sleep, and barely any sensible sustenance. This is a whole day in the company of gaming's newest nightmare.
David Whelan

Could a Harry Potter Fan Fiction Author Be Spearheading the New Dianetics?

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality is not your average piece of fanfiction. Written by AI specialist Eliezer Yudkowsky, the story has commanded a sprawling, cult-like international fanbase with its message of rational thinking.
David Whelan

Mad Men and Bad Men: How Elite Advertisers Shaped British Politics

The way we understand and relate to political parties during election time has been controlled by the creative elite for the last 40 years.
David Whelan